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Neve orchards

Posted by admin on March 13, 2018
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Neve Pardes Hanna-Karkur located in the southwestern part of Pardes Hanna.

The territory of the neighborhood, North of St. juice. Street west citron, Zamir Street and south, Zionism Boulevard west. The neighborhood is bordered in the east hinted, Neve Ganim north. And east of Neve space.


שכונת נווה פרדסים הוקמה באמצע שנות ה90 ע”י חברת הבנייה תבור גלבוע, The taboo of private land agricultural colony Pardes Hanna, In order to build a residence for immigrants from the CIS and the residents of Pardes Hanna Htzairim.akb bankruptcy of a company executive, Stopped construction in the neighborhood, And public buildings were built in the neighborhood. The neighborhood has suffered a number of years, poor image and infrastructure problems. in the year 2010 החלו להיבנות בשכונה פרוייקטים חדשים ע”י חברות הבנייה צרפתי, שיכון ובינו ,אלמוג ואאורה. Given more building rights. And improved infrastructures.

But the neighborhood still suffers from a lack of public building schools and shopping center.


Despite the difficulties the neighborhood during the 90 families began streaming a strong center of the country who have decided to come to build their homes in the neighborhood and Pardes Hanna Karkur, Live neighborhood 2800 The oldest neighborhood families , Which will join another 600 new families in new projects currently being built in 2014. Neve orchards population consists of former outstanding young couples and children in the country.

Socio-economic status of residents is inadequate.

מאפייני הבנייה:

Neve orchards and density construction is characterized by three types of structures. Widespread construction of 3-5 Storey.

Apartments Garden Apartments 3-4 Rooms and duplexes. וכן בקוטג’ים טוריים שבנויים על מגרשים של רבעי דונם.

כל טור מבנים מורכב מ2 קוטג’ים בפינות ו 2 And Garden Apartments 2 Duplexes center.

The new construction of the towers characterized 12-14 Storey apartments 4-5 Spacious rooms and penthouses with large terraces. High construction quality. וכן קוטג’ים גדולים ומרווחים.

מחירים: בשנים האחרונות עלו המחירים בשכונה, apartment 4 חדרים בשטח כ100 מ”ר ללא מרפסת בשכונה הישנה עולה כ 800-850 Thousand ₪. And apartments in the new projects are about a million ₪ and up.

The neighborhood has a public library, גני משחקים וגינות ציבוריות.


Boaz Whitman

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