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Buy House in Pardes Hanna-Karkur real estate Commission free

Posted by admin on March 13, 2018
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משרד התיווך נדל”ן בSmile בפרדס חנה מאפשר לקונים לקנות בית ללא תשלום עמלת תיווך ב”בתים פתוחים” שמתקיימים פעמיים בחודש בפרדס חנה-כרכור.

מבצע “בית פתוח” נועד לכם הקונים, ומתבצע בבתים שמטופלים על ידי סוכני משרד נדל”ן בסמייל בבלעדיות.

Everybody wins., The seller makes a home sold faster, Better price, And quality of life, Without wait every night at home agent arrives with buyers.

The buyer gains and pay a fee that saves him. 2% The price of the House..

And agent make a quick deal and exempt from having to walk between the houses buyers, So the Fed sees more buyers in no time..

We open the House to anyone who wants to see the House between 11-13 On Fridays.. The purpose of signs signs to the Open House., So no one misses.

Advertise in newspapers and on the Internet.. And invite interested they were in contact with the agents in the past..

Buy the House and give a quote instead, Would be exempt from paying brokerage fees.

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