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What's a little improvement?

Posted by בועז ויטמן on April 26, 2018
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Betterment levies Is the fee pursuant to the planning and building law, התשכ”ה–1965, And due to the rise of real estate that worth due to a confirmation program, Providing or allowing nonconforming use. For example, additional building rights on residential building, Or ground thaw designation of agricultural land for residential construction..

Value increase, המכונה בעגה המקצועית “השבחה”, Breeding event, Can also be caused when the program approved does not include the property himself., But nearby properties — for example,, When industrial zone, That was in the old program bad influence on valuations in the, For the benefit of the Park., To ensure the surrounding light houses, Clean air and views.

Betterment levies, Paid to the local Committee for planning and construction ולא לרשות המקומית כמו שרבים סבורים,וחל על המקרקעין שהושבחו בעקבות הפעולה התכנונית המשביחה. The surcharge must be paid is the owner or tenant of land generations. החבות בהיטל מתגבשת אמנם עם התרחשות האירוע המשביח (למשל אישור התוכנית), אך מועד התשלום נדחה למה שמכונה בחוק “The expiration time” — כלומר היום שבו בעל הנכס מוכר אותו, Or obtain a permit about.. Duty rate is half of the land value increase rate Because the action planning

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