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The local Council Pardes Hanna Karkur

Posted by admin on March 13, 2018
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Karkur is the talent as Stern- 4 Kilometers northeast of Hadera, about- 6 Km from the beach and an average height of about- 50 M above sea level. Jurisdiction the local Council Pardes Hanna- Karkur covers 616,22 And live within approximately- 34.000 Residents.

The village borders the Binyamina and Giv'at Ada in North, In Caesarea and Akiva in the West., In her room in the Southwest and in the Menashe Regional Council in the East and South (including shifts, Kfar pines, Ein iron, Ein Shemer, Gan hashomron, Talmei Eleazar protected Samuel).

Pardes Hanna-Karkur is surrounded by open spaces and farmland. North of the Valley Community is generous., And there near the settlement of oak reserve, Ancient sites and historic character.

To Pardes Hanna-Karkur has excellent access to central Israel, To the North and surrounding communities, With a developed roads and railroad..
In the train station., A quick escape route 6 And the coastal road.

Historical background:

ADA was founded in 1931 When the desolate ruin della and acquired by Zionist Jews remote from England who hatagdo "London estate" prepared by Jews of Russia (Schlesinger) ordered the "Hashomer" Association members to sit on the ground and to secure its borders. The colonists suffered greatly due to remoteness in Karkur, Due to the lack of road that leads to her and hostile neighbors.. Gradually overcame the difficulties and realize additional residents. According to 1931 Were in Karkur 282 Residents.

Pardes-Hanna was founded in March. 1929 As an agricultural colony, With פיק"א bus , On land purchased in the Baron Rothschild. Named Hannah., The old Baron Mayer gave Rothschild London.. The first workers ' neighborhood (the first street) was destined for פיק"א workers. Following the second world war and crisis in citrus built many houses with auxiliary sectors 2-5 Acres. After the establishment of the State, Established immigrant camps, One of the largest in the country., In the British camp to the North of the colony., Who later became a nursing home – attention.

in the year 1969 Ojeda agricultural colony Pardes Hanna-Karkur with local Council one. In the 1960s- 70 Absorbed in in many other immigrant reception centres. The big waves in the last decade and attractiveness of rural settlement, settlement, The huge development momentum and led to an increase in the population growth rate in the past decade have been added as- 10.000 Community residents. Built new neighborhoods . Despite the urbanization processes of the accelerated settlement, Saved character in much of the Barrio.. As part of the master plan for the Community Center, The approval process is in these days., Made great efforts to develop trade and tourism but also microchip to maintain the character of the settlement.

The village population is heterogeneous and is comprised of citizens from different countries as well as. According to the local Council, The number of residents in the community as- 34.000And in about- 9800 Apartments.

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