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About & Staff

Brokerage, real estate office in Smile xlxx owned
Active area in Pardes Hana 1999 .
By 2013 The firm operated under the brand RE / MAX.
Office workers several real estate agents, Real estate consultants and real estate agents.
All Office agents undergo various training in real estate sales.
And operate unique marketing methods. In order to provide optimal service to customers.
Intermediary firm bankruptcies , Apartments, Villas, Houses and land,
Pardes Hanna -crcor and the environment.

Office agents provide consultancy services in the areas of real estate in Pardes Hanna Karkur.
No charge. And service "Open House" to owners in Pardes Hanna-Karkur.
Buyer purchases an apartment on the open house will not pay brokerage fees.
Clients are, Sellers of homes, Apartments and Land .
Second-hand expertise and projects of contractors.
Apartments and houses for rent.

The firm represents groups of buyers who want to buy as a group.
Apartments from contractors.
And purchasing groups , Those individuals who buy common land for construction.
And jointly build homes, Contractors.
The Ministry agents cooperate with most brokers Pardes Hanna Karkur,
To provide professional service to their customers.

School of real estate, in Super Smile

Specializes in real estate agents ' training.
And their entrance area. Each real estate agent studying for 6 Weeks how to recruit exclusively houses, Which service provide for exclusive properties. How to work with buyers. And how to conduct independent business in order to maximize revenues and profits.
Law on legal issues mediators, Real estate law and law on transferred by ADV.
Financing and mortgages, Transferred by mortgage advisor.
The course is delivered and managed by expert xlxx and business consultant for small businesses.

We're here to sing!

in the year 2000 After I left the kibbutz decided to open his own business in the field of self brokering real estate.
In order to change the industry, And the service pack the client receives, Recognize that there is a need for real estate service, Not only lgschr between selling to a buyer., But more than that..
Home is not only an asset, Around the sale or purchase of a home or apartment also has a lot of emotion., Technical terms, Listings. Different solutions
Required around the sale and purchase. All these are given full treatment from me today and the agents Office..
Boaz Whitman, owner

Hagit Bergman


Whitman Boaz

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